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A Smell That’s Deer to Our Heart
For more than 13 years, Conquest Scents has been selling premium hunting scents to hunters around the country. What separates us from the majority of other companies on the market is the white-tailed deer farm we’ve had for more than 25 years in Davison, Michigan. You can find hunting scents, scent dispensers, dog training scents, merchandise and more on our site. Call us at 888-653-2759 to learn how to make your next hunting trip more successful.
If you want to make the most of your time in the field, Ozonics is the only scent management solution you need. Equipped with the scent-destroying power of ozone, your Ozonics device makes you undetectable and brings more opportunities your way. Forget everything you've ever been told about scent control and start hunting with Ozonics for a complete pre-, mid-, and post-hunt solution that's scientifically proven to
Ozonics Hunting
Innovation – We are an innovative company founded in 2000 with a desire and commitment to bring to the archery world the best designed archery vibration dampening system available. Our basic goal is customer service, credibility, honesty, integrity, along with pride in offering American made products that we stand behind.
Aggressive Game Calls
The Axis Revolution is an overhead camera arm design similar to that of a Hollywood style jib or camera crane. The camera arm mounts to the tree above your head and then hangs out in front of you. The camera arm itself has both horizontal and vertical telescoping square aluminum tube sections for individualized adjustment and a lighter overall weight. The camera mount allows for a full, uninhibited 360 degrees of articulation. So, no matter where the action is, you can get a camera on it.
Aggressive Game Calls are hand made for optimum performance and ease of use. For the Trophy of a Lifetime, you gotta get Aggressive Game Calls!
As important as gear is, high-end camo is now almost a luxury item where you have to decide whether you want a new gun or new camo. There is a spot for some, to have the Rolex of cloths in their ownership, but for the rest of us (average hunters), we want good gear at affordable prices.
As a new company, we're learning. Everything we sell we have personally tested. Our product line is new and evolving and we will guarantee everything we sell.
The LocknWalk is custom designed and modified from gently used military packs to create the Locknwalk. Each pack is specially altered to fit your specific tree stand. The military now is getting the best of the best and so should you. “The LocknWalk, comfort for the die-hard hunter.”
The best tool for every hunter, our maps show clearly marked property boundaries, public and private landowner names and more - giving you everything you need to stay legal and ethical.